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  • "I came to see Paula, because I had an injury that just wasnít getting better with regular physiotherapy. Iíd torn a muscle in my abdomen, and was quite nervous about anything making it worse, but after the first session of Visceral Manipulation treatment, I felt a sense of space opening up around the area.

    Other bits of me that had always been tight started relaxing too as Paula 'spoke' to them through her hands. All through the most gentle touchÖ no yanking, pulling, breaking down knots! And now my abdomen is healing nicely, and more than this: I feel like I am making a better connection with my body through the treatments Iíve had with Paula."

    RCR, St Albans

  • "Paula is a fantastic and well respected practitioner with a wealth of bodywork knowledge and sensitivity - her ability to assess a clients needs and treat accordingly means that I can send clients to her and know they will always be in good hands."

    Michelle Papouis ISTD, member of the Pilates Foundation UK

  • "I am always treated by Paula, a very professional and dedicated therapist, she spares no effort to use her vast expertise and advice. Her treatment is so effective to my multiple body health problems that I feel I am getting a new lease of life and Paula is highly recommended."

    GS, London, N14


About BodyMobile

I am from Cape Town in the beautiful South Africa. Born with the travelling bug I eventually settled in London where I studied Sports Massage at the London School of Sports Massage in 1997, graduating with credit. I love studying and have subsequently attained qualifications in Remedial Sports Massage in 2001, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in 2005 and Visceral and Neuromeningeal Manipulation from 2010 onwards. Workshops in myofascial work, Pilates, core stability and swiss ball and stretching exercises have further broadened my knowledge and the effectiveness of my treatments.

In 2004 I started teaching at the North London School of Sports Massage based at the Haringay and Enfield College in Tottenham Hale. Teaching is a great opportunity for sharing my passion I have also written CPDs for fellow professionals on hypermobility and Sports Thai Massage.

My philosophy is to facilitate healing of the physical structure and harmonise the whole personís energies for optimum life performance.

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